Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hampshire Open Studios August 22 - 31 2015

Only a month to go before I take part in my first open studios event and I am burning the midnight oil in my studio and out in the countryside getting inspired. There is so much to see out there! Wildlife and wild places provide so many great ideas for paintings, it is hard to know what to work on next.
In the winter I moved to a wonderful location on the edge of The New Forest, probably the place where my soul feels most at peace, and now find my days full of so many intriguing wildlife encounters. This week I have been sat by a dust dry marsh drawing willows and waiting for a Little Owl to return to its next site. Bliss in the rustle of the long grasses and the wind blown calls of skylarks. As a summer storm gathered strength on another day I found myself huddled behind a tangle of gorse and bramble sketching New Forest ponies. I must have been an interesting sight because a curious foal soon approached, gave me a good sniff, investigated my sketchpad and bag and then settled down for a sleep. What a thrill to be allowed to stroke his soft warm coat, scratch his neck and receive a friendly groom in return. The rest of the herd scrutinised my actions but seemed to accept my presence and the foal standing beside me. Returned home feeling alive.

So now I have to bring some of those animals and birds and wild places onto my canvases in preparation for Hampshire Open Studios. I will be setting up an exhibition at Courtens Garden Centre, Romsey Road, Whiteparish, SP5 2SD and working there daily at my easel 10 am - 5pm. It would be lovely to see any of you if you are visiting the open studios event. Directions are on Courtens website and in the Hampshire Open Studios brochure. I am listed under the Romsey area. As well as original artwork, I will have a selection of cards and prints available to buy including 'Eagle Owl Gaze' below. Courtens also has a rather lovely coffee shop selling delicious cakes and, if art was not enough, you can browse their plants and maybe pick up something for the garden. I really look forward to seeing you if you are able to visit.

Eagle Owl Gaze

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