Thursday, 14 May 2009

BPCT Auction Success

The auction to raise funds for the Botswana predator Conservation Trust was a big success with some very generous bids for the lots. Both my painting of the Serval and the Earth Ark book sold so that was very good news. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the event and it was great to meet up with Tico and Leslet McNutt again.

Now I must turn my attention to commissions and preparing work for exhibitions through the summer. I am back working with acrylics again and enjoying the fast drying time after using oils. Just have to put some whiskers on a Tiger and I will be off to the framers. I will hopefully have a pictire of this latest piece soon.

I was horse riding through bluebell woods at the base of the South Downs on the weekend. Fabulous spring weather and I caught sight of a beautiful Roe Deer watching me from a sea of bluebells. Impossible to use either a sketch pad or camera on horseback especially on the horse I usually ride who is a terrible fidget- and I have tried - so I will have to remember this perfect scene for a possible future painting. At least I have plenty of photos of the Bluebells.......and horses.