Thursday, 14 May 2009

BPCT Auction Success

The auction to raise funds for the Botswana predator Conservation Trust was a big success with some very generous bids for the lots. Both my painting of the Serval and the Earth Ark book sold so that was very good news. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the event and it was great to meet up with Tico and Leslet McNutt again.

Now I must turn my attention to commissions and preparing work for exhibitions through the summer. I am back working with acrylics again and enjoying the fast drying time after using oils. Just have to put some whiskers on a Tiger and I will be off to the framers. I will hopefully have a pictire of this latest piece soon.

I was horse riding through bluebell woods at the base of the South Downs on the weekend. Fabulous spring weather and I caught sight of a beautiful Roe Deer watching me from a sea of bluebells. Impossible to use either a sketch pad or camera on horseback especially on the horse I usually ride who is a terrible fidget- and I have tried - so I will have to remember this perfect scene for a possible future painting. At least I have plenty of photos of the Bluebells.......and horses.


  1. We have just purchased a print of your Hidden Tiger. What an amazing picture. It's desptined for pride of place in our home. Look forward to seeing more with similar life and colour. Pity we can't afford the original as I'm sure that it must be awesome. Kind regards, David & Alison

  2. Hi David and Alison,
    So good to know that you love the painting of the Tiger, 'Hidden King'. I loved painting the original although it is a big piece and weighs a ton!
    I am just finishing another Tiger at the moment. It is a Sumatran which is a very handsome and rare Tiger breed. It should make an appearance on my website very soon and will eventually also be available as prints. I will be interested to see what you think of it.
    I hope you get many hours of pleasure from your Tiger print and thankyou for taking the time to write a comment on my blog.

    Best wishes