Sunday, 29 March 2009

Botswana Predator Conservation Trust Auction

I have just finished this little painting of a Serval in acrylic. The painting will be donated to an auction to be held on 23rd April '09 at the Royal Geographical Society in London to raise funds for the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust in association with Tusk Trust.
This portait was great fun to paint. Having been working on a big painting of a herd of elephants for a few weeks now it was a nice change to have some cat fur to paint. Fingers crossed that the auction goes well and plenty of money is raised for a very worthy cause in Botswana. Visit for more information.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Earth Ark

While I was at Nature in Art I gave a talk on the Thursday evening. Last year I illustrated a book for a wildlife photographer and professional safari guide called Steven Stockhall. He is based in Botswana and we met while on safari in 2004 when he asked me if I would illustrate a book of his photographs. In May 2008 we published a book called 'Earth Ark a photographic safari through northern Botswana' and embarked on a six week promotional tour and book launch across South Africa and up to Botswana. It was an epic journey! The talk at Nature in Art was about the book and the region of Northern Botswana which inspired its creation. I hope it proved an interesting and inspiring evening for all who attended. I know there were a lot of keen photographers and well travelled wildlife enthusiasts in the audience. This was my first attempt at using power point to present a slide show. Great fun to assemble all the images. Good job I enjoy talking about Botswana and its fantastic wildlife!

Nature in Art

I have just returned form a week as Artist in Residence at Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, UK. This is an amazing museum/wildlife art centre, run by Simon Trapnell, which is quite unique in the world. Any wildlife artists and enthusiasts should make the effort to visit. The museum runs a rolling program of artists in residence so there is somene new each week. Visitors have included Simon Combes, David Shepherd, Mathew Hillier and Anthony Gibbs.

For artists who usually lead a fairly solitary existence, a week at Nature in Art gives you the chance to meet people and share your painting passion with others. Many people who do not paint love to watch the process so an ability to work with an audience and answer lots of questions is required!