Saturday, 28 January 2012

New challenges on the easel

The trek to Everest Base Camp over Christmas was an incredible experience and I have returned with so many ideas for paintings. Also great respect for those who take on the massive challenge of actually climbing this mountain. Apart from the obvious demands of the climb on muscles, the rigours of altitude and freezing temperatures is something I could not imagine coping with for longer than a few days.
Nature definately has the upper hand here. Snow Leopards find sanctuary above 3,500 metres where endless scree slopes and glaciated valleys keep man at bay. I hope the Himalayas will always watch over this big cat. When you stand gasping for air beneath the snow capped peaks, watchful and menacing in their icy silence you feel that the Snow Leopard has a formidable ally.  I am looking forward to painting one in the habitat I have now experienced.

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