Thursday, 24 February 2011

Limited Edition print for Lion Aid

The past few months have been really busy with illustration projects. However, inbetween the illustrations I have produced a drawing for a charity I now support called Lion Aid. This drawing has been turned into a Limited Edition Print entitled 'Endangered Nobility' and is available for sale through me or from Lion Aid . The print is £50, is limited to a run of just 100 and it is hoped that sales will help support this very hard working charity and its efforts to save the African Lion from extinction.

Inspiration for the drawing of this Lion came from a very beautiful male I had seen on the Chobe river in July 2010. Separated from his brother in the early morning, the Lion strode purposefully through the white sand, stopping regularly to roar into the sunrise. He was indeed noble but also appeared quite vulnerable, alone and obviously anxious to be reunited with his sibling. It seems almost inconceivable that the iconic African Lion should be on the brink of a slide towards extinction but, shockingly, their numbers have declined to the point where action now needs to be taken to save them. For more information and to give your support to Lions please visit the Lion Aid website

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