Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nature in Art and NEWA

Now that British Summer time has started it is time to think of all the events and exhibitions which are scattered through the next few months and two are now definite. The first will be in May at Nature in Art near Gloucester. I will be artist in residence from May 18th - 23rd with a sculptor called Wendy Hunt. So, if anyone is in the area please do visit. Nature in Art is a fantastically inspiring place for wildlife artists and enthusiasts so well worth a visit. I am looking forward to being there in early summer and enjoying some walks in the countryside.

NEWA - The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art - will run this year from July 16th -August 1st and is held at Gordale Nursery and Garden Centre in The Wirral. For details and more information visit This exhibition has grown into one of the most prestigious wildlife art exhibitions in the UK and attracts artists from around the world. The painting of the Zebra mare and Foal pictured here will be exhibited at NEWA and will be for sale. I have been planning a companion painting of a young male Kudu to go with it as I saw both the Zebras and Kudu in the Boteti river bed. The colours of that day left a lasting impression. If time allows it would be great to paint that other picture.

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