Thursday, 13 August 2009

Society of Equestrian Artists Award

This painting of the Zebra - which was such fun to paint - won an award at the Society of Equestrian Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London a couple of weeks ago. I was really delighted and surprised as this is the first year I have submitted work with the society. The award was the Society of All Artists Award for the best work by a Friend and is a crystal goblet. I loved painting this picture. Experimenting with colour and the dramatic pose of the Zebra made it a really absorbing piece to work on.


  1. I saw your Zebras at the Mall Galleries and was blown away by the realism! Truly beautiful work, your award was very well deserved!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thankyou for such kind words about my painting. I think horses make fantastic subjects, every inch of them is my eyes ( but I might be a bit biased!) Goodluck with your painting and enjoy it!
    Best wishes